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Adventure Trip Safety Tips

Are you traveling to a distant state or even a faraway country for an adventure trip?  Well guess what? You will be at a higher risk of property loss and injury!  Here are some tips to keep you and your property safe:   Educated yourself – Start with layered system of...

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Uber Insurance, Lyft Insurance, Sidecar Insurance

Do you need ride sharing auto Insurance?  If you are driving for Uber, Lyft or Sidecar the State of California is requiring you to carry commercial license plates.  Your personal auto policy already excludes any driving “for hire” so you may need to purchase a...

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What are Commercial Auto Symbols?

Answer: They define how your vehicles are covered.   The full list is below, but here are some highlights: Symbol “1” is the best for both types of coverage (Liability & Physical Damage) Symbol “8” covers rental cars (liability only) Symbol “9” covers non-owned...

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Classic License Plates are coming back to California

The California DMV announced that new license plates printed in the historic black background and yellow lettering from the 1960s.  Now your restored vehicles will look even more like they did when you were growing up! Check out this article for more information about...

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Christmas Fire Safety

As we enter the holiday season it’s time we recognize the fire hazards in our homes so we can avoid injuring the ones we love and damaging our property.   Here are my Top 3 home Fire Hazards:   Candles  Fireplaces Extension cords and Holiday Lights  Here are some...

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What is a Loss Run Report? LOSS RUNS 101

A loss run report details claims that a business or person has over a range of policy periods.  It shows the date of the loss, amount paid, reserve amount, and whether it is OPEN or Closed.  They can also show the named insured, effective dates, carrier name, policy...

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